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November 2007




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Nov. 11th, 2007


~ before i sleep ~

Ah~~~ even i know myself who not good at in english,why i still wanna update in it???? nande? 

Since 2 weeks i leaved PC and internet universe,many things happened,passed and going on ne~~~ 

i'm so lazy coz dim in my heart.but something sticking in my head.can't get rid of it.then i have no other choice to choose,just write them.... so manythings ne~~ 
- want to be a good one, coz i'm not : i don't care much how's people going on. i just want to be good for myself by not lie for everyone,espicialy myself. i want to be good for people as much as i can(if i'm not so lazy hehehe) and i'm so upset when someone harm other to do a good things,harm for stupid sake or private sake? 

to Ryo Mod: debbie_chan, Subaru Mod: kipani_mariko, Hina Mod: osakaromanesque, Okura Mod: yamashita_nana, Yasu Mod: samuraiblues, Yoko Mod: renchan5 : i love you all.coz this world want people who want to help other people or communities as you. "...We love the community, yes, but we have other more important things to attend to -- school, work, family, boyfriends/girlfriends or even significant others. We have other obligations, hence why Debbie took in a few moderators to take turns looking over the community." and many phrases from you,include from many people who understand you, caught at my heart.i believe in you since you introduced yourself.i think it's good way to show your spirits.Ah~~... 
btw,coz of my knowledgeless in english then i should not said much for avoiding fuss by not need.please let me tell you that this situations moved me more to brave for love people,and leaved my shy a bit by bit of my speechless.i learned to aware my tongue and learned to not be late for do something that i should do for my love. thank you all. *bow* 

ps. yatta! i just know why i wanna write in english! maybe i have long time for thinking and arranging, but finally they'll be sorted and filtered to short words than in thai.yep as my sis told,i'll think in english faster if i practice much.yeah! miss you,pueng. 

Oct. 15th, 2007


~ Life like a Tree ~

when i down,i miss kanjani's song (kanfoo fighting,futari no namida ame, etc.). when i wanna wake,kattun's song just flashing in my mind (real face, le cial,etc.). seem like a real life and chase for dream mode. i don't know why i wrote this . but it's stick in my head for six months, and think it'll go on. Akkkk~~~
ps. just know why Morning Musume's song,"Osaka koi no uta", is "Osaka koi no uta". yeah!, coz it's kanzaiben! 5555555 

my purpose for this entry are just say about cats and takoyaki. 

btw, seem it's time for back to concentrate in my proposal again. i have to regist for next term, tomorrow.
hope i not do it again anymore *buning, burning* ...the die is cast. So we have to go....

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Oct. 12th, 2007


~ last week story ~

 Should i said this? Tadaima! >>_<<

***10.55 am. @hospital,wait for meet doctor.yeah and made me know how i am a good hobbit

i have to wait for my blood result before meet doctor.then i can write to you all now. Ah~~~ seem i get a break to take a breath.... coz my frofessor can't see me(my proposal)on our appointment.her husband will come back from Afghanistan,work for US Army for a long period.though,i'll properly go on my thesis as i should do T^T. 5555  

last week, i was so busy by others for 1st half part,but last half part i had to do busy for forget something me mad.....sbsdjfsjhfksj *wanna swear but i never;(* that the result of all made me know myself better a bit *sigh*

Ano...the 1st half part week ago.

i was so happy but not respect it's not longer anymore after i saw some pictures.i'm just realized 'How do i believe in yoko much like this'

555555555 life go on.... my short note have some list to write to.but i should leave coz seem it's so long.
i do what i want to,hope not trouble you,guy. almost cheering that i want. ganbare in others way.

my word list not long enough for talk or write. i should practice much in reading again and again *sigh* wanna have 48 hours for day T_T (but i'll sleep most,ehhh!)

c ya!


*** time that i begin to draft

Oct. 1st, 2007


00.38 ~ 01.46

Ah~~~ tonight,it's 0.38 in thailand.my brain is pounding coz so vigorous. what should i say now~~~

minnasan (who?,i'm just wanna greeting like an idol 555), let me say 'English is hard! i'm a fool! i can't explain many thing what i want! Akkkkkkk' *sigh* it's can't help ...when i shout.but i'll move by my word to resist bit by bit. even it slow,i'll never give up,yeah!

yep,as i said,this week many thing & many people come to my life. i love them all (you too,shio ^////^ whatever)i meet my close friends by chance.but i was blurring, what do you talk with me? And some more close friend from furthest distric will come to stay with tomorrow.How can i clean so stuffy before she come >>_<< surely,we'll talk together all night and maybe all day.Even i just only have 20days for my proposal to be finished on professors' hands... what's going to? then i choose to leave them all by let talk about myself for awhile.

i'm just an ordinary (maru is my close friend,even he decline 5555)i stay with my family, 6 people & 12cats. i'm studying and working in the same time.my course work was finished for a while,but my thesis still hopeless.i'm lucky to work not far from home,my sister'clinic.but almost i did was talk with her and employees for relieve their mind,good HR work,right? 555 

i love eito.And my love for Yoko & subaru are rising everyday.my sis,kim,love ryo & ohkura.then i love them
like little brothers also.>>>_<<< i'm interesting language ; japanese, German, russia,and spain 
(not include computer languages coz seem i forget at all) i want to learn more & more,but just only can learn by myself coz environment not suit to.and maybe i'm so lazy.5555 my friend told me,'you are a learning machine.you can well understand and explain to others, but can't use them properly in real life.maybe teaching career seem suit you na' . then i reply  'yep,i study in educational field,and you too,don't you remember?' i confused about her words,and leaved it immidiately*sigh* i'm easily fall in love in people and everything.i like to take time to know them by watching (reading) in silent.i want to feel and understand.... my responses and mind drive by that. then let me feel you! (eh?,just kidding,but it's real ^_~)

uwah, 1.46 now. have to wake on 3.30 la*blur*
c ya all next time

to be continued (?)

ps. just come to check what i said. hm???? i'm drunk last night? what i typed it all?, even about copy and paste from my notepad, it lost end words TT-TT. seem i did by sleeping... Oh my.....! And i can't wake in time. it's 6.56 now. *scream*

Sep. 26th, 2007


Cat --> Maew

i'm not sure about their cute, but sure about their funny *LOL* before this time my parents dislike cat cause don't wanna have any problems from petting. then my sisters had to feeding them in secret.but after all, all of burden were at my father's hand. He love them much,and cry for them many time when some died. we have many generations of them now.latest gen are 4 male cats.they are little chubby.even they are short hair type,but seem their father are same,quarter breed of persian. u can guest how softly them >_<

catnipCollapse )

Now Everyone knew about my crazy, C ya!

Bye2 ^_~

ps. my mobile's camera just vga. sorry for not nice pics 555